- The Global Indian Woman homepage screenshot is a website for Global Indian Woman. Website includes blogs, forums, articles, videos, photos, events and many more such features.

Project Highlights
Framework: Drupal 5.x
Programming languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML, SQL
Database/Application Servers:
MYSQL 3.x/4.x / Apache 1.x/2.x
Efforts: 3 man-months

Control Content: Site Administrator can control data on frontpage. Admin can set what content will be seen on "This Week/ Most Read", "Pick of the Day","Videos","Photos". Similiarly, admin can also control data on channel pages.

Template for each cotent type: Separate template for each content type is made for making website more interactive

Video Listing: Tabular listing of video thumbnails, please
View demo

Photo Listing: Tabular listing of photo thumbnails, please
View demo

Buzz Gallery: The idea came from "Buzz Words" (using tagadelic module of drupal). We tried to make similar effect using images.

Please check website for more feel of the system