Facebook comments & SEO

Facebook comments has recently emerged as replaced for comment boxes on regular websites. There are many advantages - such as spam control, posting comments as yahoo, Facebook or other users, ability to post on Facebook profile's wall etc.

We started using the Facebook comments on most of our community based websites. But we always wanted to find a way to get the SEO benefits from comments posted on website.

Drupal 7: Bulk update taxonomy url aliases

Yesterday, we showed how to Bulk update node url aliases. Now we faced similar problems while generating bulk url aliases for taxonomy terms. For some reason the admin interface was not able to generate them. The screen just struct up.

define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());
require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/bootstrap.inc';
// menu_execute_active_handler();
$tid = (int) variable_get("url_alias_last_tid",0);

Drupal 7: Bulk update node url aliases

eBharatBase.com has more than 2, 60,000 nodes. We changed the pattern of url aliases to be generated for each node. We tried to generate from admin interface of pathauto module, the system hangs everytime.

The reason - query to fetch node was taking much longer to execute, and php/drupal used to show error message since they were not receiving any response.

To tackle this problem, i started writing small but effect piece of code to generate the url alises of all 2,60,000+ nodes.

1) Created script named "generate_url_alias.php" in drupal root folder

Drupal Module: ApacheSolr Attached Images

We have just released a new drupal module to index and search attached images of nodes.

An ApacheSolr helper module to index, query and retrieve attached images' file paths and ids of content nodes.

- You need not run resource intensive node_load() to get list of attached images for each items in results.
- Image paths / ids are available in apachesolr results array.
- Image path can be passed to imagecache preset

And this can be easily used in search results and other search screens such as themed "more like this" pages.


MySarkariNaukri.com - Indian Government Job Search

MySarkariNaukri.com is a complete website for Indian Government Jobs. Along with jobs, we also list Results and Exam notifications related to Government institutions.

MySarkariNaukri.com was launched in March 2009, and we have successfully completed 1 year. We have been using Drupal's core search initially, then shifted to Google Custom Search - and it was serving our purpose perfectly.