Drupal Module: ApacheSolr Attached Images

We have just released a new drupal module to index and search attached images of nodes.

An ApacheSolr helper module to index, query and retrieve attached images' file paths and ids of content nodes.

- You need not run resource intensive node_load() to get list of attached images for each items in results.
- Image paths / ids are available in apachesolr results array.
- Image path can be passed to imagecache preset

And this can be easily used in search results and other search screens such as themed "more like this" pages.


UniSaraswati Devnagari Transliterator - Drupal 6.x Version

UniSaraswati Devnagari Transliterator is a Drupal module to allow typing in Devanagri. Right now the module is only available for Drupal 5.x

We have update the module for Drupal 6.x, you can checkout the latest module at

Download the file at