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Upasana is a Sanskrit word. It literally means 'sitting near' but it comes from spiritual tradition of India and implies sitting near the sacred to worship or to adore

Upasana was born in 1997, originally with one table under a tree, as a garment design and manufacturing unit. Being born within the unique context of Auroville, the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have been inspiration at Upasana.

Project Highlights
Framework: Drupal 5.x, Ubercart
Programming languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML, SQL, AJAX
Database/Application Servers:
MYSQL 4.x / Apache 2.x
Efforts: 3 man-months

www.upasana.in was launched On the 11th anniversary of Upasana

Upasana.in uses several Drupal modules

-> Ubercart (for e-commerce section)

-> CCK: content creation / enhancement

-> Currency: To automatically convert prices from INR to USD (Prices on website are listed in INR)

-> Pathauto - for search engine friendly URLs

-> Nodewords: for setting different Meta Tags for each page.

-> Node Queue: to control data at few locations

and many more useful modules.

And lots of custom PHP coding.

Please check website for more feel of the system

Website: www.upasana.in