eBharatJobs Performance Updates

eBharatJobs.com is one of India's most used job search engine. We continuously keep working on improving the user experience.

Recently we have been working heavily on optimizing the load speed of ebharatjobs. Google has announced that they are now considering page speed for ranking websites, so it becomes very important for websites to improve their loading time.

We first introduced APC for caching the files in memory. It helped a lot, since were were using few files and caching them in memory helped much more.

We came across Google's PageSpeed module for Apache at http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/docs/module.html

Using this module, the performance of website enhanced further - and also it took care of compressing css, javascripts and gzipping files, and many more such simple issues.

We have now almost doubled the speed - thus increasing the page views and user experience.